 Senesi Contemporanea

25 Dover Street, Mayfair 

Senesi Contemporanea's intention is to actively contribute to the development of contemporary art and international visual culture by hosting the research of different generations of artists and linking them to one another.

Its exhibition program alternates between exhibitions of emerging artists and exhibitions of established artists, to encourage the development of new ways of visual representation.

The Horse Hospital

Colonnade, Bloomsbury

The Horse Hospital is a three tiered progressive arts venue in London providing an encompassing umbrella for the related media of art, film, fashion, literature and music.

A unique and distinctive independent arts venue in the UK, it aims for the broadest possible access to the arts across a broad range of artistic activity and practice; and an opportunity to encourage risk, innovation and experimentation.

 Soho Screening Rooms, Room 3

14 D'Arblay St, Soho

The Soho Screening Rooms is the only independent trade preview screening complex in London, having servied film, television and media companies for over 50 years.

It has been projecting dailies, first cuts and completed productions since its establishment, to BAFTA nominations, International Film Festival selections and National Press more recently.